Wow, this is awesome. Although with 59 seconds it’s more a teaser than a trailer, this little Youtube video makes you want to have the book even more!

The video starts out with what looks like a regular movie trailer, although if you take a closer look, the original wording of the MPA has been altered quite a bit to fit the new topic. Where a Pixar trailer reads:

The following PREVIEW has been approved for
By the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.

The trailer for The 4-Hour Body alters that to be:

The following PREVIEW has been approved for
By the Motion Capture Association of America, Inc.

4HB Professional Guidance Suggested
Some material may not be suitable for children

It then continues to a very zen-like garden lab with Tim Ferriss sitting at a table with, experimenting and logging all the data in a notebook. It then goes on to the sound of “Splinter” by Sevendust giving us a couple of facts:

  • 10 years of experiments
  • 100+ scientists consulted
  • 1 human guinea pig

Imagine if you could:

  • Hold your breath for 5 minutes
  • Lift 500 Pounds
  • Run 100 Miles
  • Loose 100 Pounds

…or to sum it all up:

  • Do the impossible

The video is well worth watching and make you want to buy 4-Hour Body even more.

Have fun!

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