As the release date get closer and closer more information about the launch itself starts trickling in. According to Tim’s Blog the first launch party for the The 4-Hour Body will take place the Greenhouse, a 6.000 square foot club in New York and will be sponsored by The King Collective, a NY based PR firm.

The event itself will start at 8pm and end at 11pm, which is odd, considering the whole 4-Hour theme. On top of the free drinks from 8pm-10pm the first few hundred people will get a gift bag with even more free promo stuff from other companies, although there will not be any free books. Tim says he will be hanging around to talk to everybody and do some Q&A, although with the size of the club and the number of people that might prove to be difficult.


If you want to go to the event you need to be 21 years of age, since alcohol will be served and you need to, as Tim calls it, RSVP, which in this case just seems to be a fancier term for “buy a $10.00 ticket”, which is supposed to minimize the no-show ratio and therefore minimize money wasted. By the time I was writing ths article 227 tickets were left for purchase @

Date: December 14th 2010
Time: 8pm – 11pm
Free drinks: 8pm – 10pm
Tickets: $10.00

150 Varick St.
New York, New York 10013

Speaking of purchase, you have only a few more days left till the pre-order offer ends. You can pre-order The 4-Hour Body at Amazon.

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