Diet Supplements: The PAGG Stack – Four Hour Body Supplements

Use the PAGG Stack to exceed dietary expectations. Tim Ferriss shows you how to use a mix of Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, Green tea flavanols and Garlic extract to help you burn fat even faster. In order for your body to operate it needs energy – lot’s of it actually. For a grown man around 180cm with 80kg it is roughly around 2.500 kcal, depending on the individual’s metabolism. That is little over 8 Cheeseburgers or 20kg (!!!) of iceberg lettuce without dressing. What your body does, is tranform the food you consume into the energy it needs. If that man eats 2.500 kcal worth of food day in day out, he wouldn’t loose nor gain weight. So what happens when you eat less than that?! Your body starts taking the energy from what it stored, which is primarily fat and muscles. So the way diets work, even this one from the Four Hour Body, is forcing the body to burn fat by eating less than it needs. Photo by RambergMediaImages If you turn any classic dietary concept upside down you have a new approach. Rather than reducing your caloric intake, some dietary supplements work by stimulating your metabolism. This is usually done by so called thermogenics. As the name suggests these work by raising your body temperature and heartrate over a period of time therefore forcing your body to use more calories. If you watch your eating while doing it, you will loose fat quicker. […]