Tim Ferriss in Action benching 425 lbs with his hips!

This is another short clip from the 4-Hour Body Youtube channel to promote Tim’s new book. It shows Tim working out with a barbell with 425 lbs.

The barbell rests on his lap with a pillow wrapped around so the pressure is more evenly distributed. His legs are tightened and he leans angainst a little bench. When Tim starts the exercise he lifts up his upper body, so his shoulders rest on the bench. His feet on the ground and the knees at a 90 degree angle. He will then lower his hips as if he was going to sit back down and pushes the barbell up until the core is straight again.

Judging by his facial expression becoming superhuman also takes strength and will power, but hey, after all 425 lbs are almost 25% of the weight of a VW Beetle.

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