Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss: Pre-Launch Round Up

With only a couple of days to go till the book finally drops, it is time for an in-depth recap on what to expect from An Uncommen Guide To Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman! What is the Four Hour Body about?! Judging by the back cover of the book itself it will be [...]

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Who is Timothy Ferriss?!

Tim is a 34 year old (*1977) US entrepreneur, angel investor and author, obsessed with sports and performance. Raised in East Hampton, NY, he graduated from St. Pauls School. He later attended Princeton University, where he received a degree in East Asian Studies in 2000. Author Tim is well known for his first publication The [...]

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Youtube 002: 425 lbs hips

Tim Ferriss in Action benching 425 lbs with his hips! This is another short clip from the 4-Hour Body Youtube channel to promote Tim's new book. It shows Tim working out with a barbell with 425 lbs. The barbell rests on his lap with a pillow wrapped around so the pressure is more evenly distributed. [...]

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