Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss: Pre-Launch Round Up

With only a couple of days to go till the book finally drops, it is time for an in-depth recap on what to expect from An Uncommen Guide To Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman! What is the Four Hour Body about?! Judging by the back cover of the book itself it will be the answer to all of our prayers about the human body. Whether you’re a house wife who wants to loose some extra pounds, a manager who wants be able to work even more hours in a day or a professional athlete who wants to increase their capabilities in an unusual way – Tim Ferriss has the answer. Let’s dive in and see what we know about The 4-Hour Body so far. Who Is Tim Ferriss? Did you ever wonder who that Tim Ferriss guy is whos book you’re so excited about?! Find most of what’s commonly known around the internet about Tim all compiled into a few bulletpoints about the author. Who Is The Four Hour Body For? The book is written in modular blocks, which means it really is for everybody. You’re supposed to read through the table of contents, pick your goals and incorporate the how-to into your daily routine. When you find something you like, try it out, see if it works for you and then move on to the next experiment. The range of available body hacks is quite broad, going from simple fat loss techniques to reversing permanent injuries with importet stemcells. Even if you are not really in experimenting with your body, the book will probably be an interesting read, since Tim has this habbit of approaching topics just a little differently, in a very amusing fashion. If you are at all interested about the human body, this book is for you. What Does It Look Like? You shall never judge a book by it’s cover and while the two main colors, a fully saturated purple and orange, would not have been everybody’s first choice, the design is flawless: clear, professional and to the point! The front cover has been releaved on Tim’s blog and on Amazon some time ago, while the back cover, as we now know, was the product description on the Amazon page. Front and Back covers can now be found as high resolution images over on the official website. The text on the back sounds much like a TV commercial and describes how Tim came to write the book and what approach he took. He basically challanged everything that is meant to be common knowledge and starts testing for better solution using himself as a guinea pig. Please find the entire text of the Product Description from Amazon here. What In The Four Hour Body?! Pretty much everybody interested in Tim Ferriss or The 4-Hour Work Week knew that the 4-Hour Body was coming and probably most of those people had a rough idea of what the book would be about. But it wasn’t until only a few days ago, that we finally got our hands on the table of contents. It was published with the launch of the official website for The 4-Hour Body. It’s quite a read and judging by the length of the table of contents by itself, we have a lot to expect from the book. As Tim explains in the Sample Chapter, every part is sort of a building block for your personal body engeneering strategy. So by choosing what guidelines you want to incorporate into your daily routine, you choose the goals you want to achieve by reading the The 4-Hour Body. Here are the chapters/disciplines: Start Here (Sample Chapter) Fundamentals – First and Foremost Ground Zero-Getting Started and Swaraj Subtracting Fat Basics Advanced Adding Muscle Improving Sex Perfecting Sleep Reversing Injuries Running Faster and Farther Getting Stronger From Swimming to Swinging On Longer and Better Life Closing Thoughts Appendices and Extras Bonus Material […]

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sample chapter 001: How to Use This Book

Thinner, Bigger, Faster, Stronger? How to Use This Book The introductory part of The 4-Hour Body, “How to Use This Book “, starts at Nine Inch Nails concert. Timothy Ferriss is in the men’s room, doing 40 Air Squats and then eating his fourth meal of the day at a full 4.400 calories. 72 hours later he measures his bodyfat – it has dropped from 11.9% to 10,2% in 14 days. Pretty impressive given the amount of food consumed. Photo by Alan Cleaver The first part of the introduction then goes on to giving a few statements of how to trick your body into a specific reaction without giving any further explanation. Its a teaser to the topics ahead, with the main statement being: Changing your body is easy and requires little effort, if you do the right things. The next couple of paragraphs “Diary of a Madman“ talk about how Tim came to write book, identifying the greatest fear of modern man as “too much e-mail and getting fat”. He had been obsessed about sports from the age of 18 and had recorded every exercise he had done since then, tracking weight, bodyfat and including continuous blood tests. Further tests, tracking and medical exams have totaled to more than $250.000 and a database that can serve as a basis for a book, with a new approach to body engineering. Tim states very clearly that the common knowledge dietary principles, Photo by Malias Eat more greens. Eat less saturated fat. Exercise more and burn more calories. Eat more omega-3 fatty acids. will not be covered in his new book. Instead all common knowledge will be challenged and new methods will be presented. The next part “The Unintentional Dark Horse“ clearly labels the book not to be a medical manual, but rather a repository of hypothesis and data, that lead to certain, tested assumptions about how the human body reacts to certain treatment of substances. All the test in this book have been supervised by “more than 100 PhDs, NASA scientists, medical doctors, Olympic athletes, professional sports trainers (from the NFL to MLB), world-record holders, Super Bowl rehabilitation specialists, and even former Eastern Bloc coaches“. Having a background in running a sports nutrition company, Tim claims one the biggest advantages he has over a regular scientific approach is, that he has no scientific career to protect. He can therefore do outrageous experiments without having to fear peer pressure or failure and in doing so, have more success outside the system. […]

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Youtube 003: Fan-Trailer

This is another trailer for the The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss done by Epipheo. It is a stop motion and motion graphics mix and really well done. It is basically the book information on Amazon made into a video, but in a really reat and funny way. Enjoy!

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