Slow Carb Cooking – Garlic Pulled Pork

The original recipe appeared in Tim Ferriss’ Slow Carb Cookbook for the Four Hour Body. Photo by stevendepolo Some say Pulled Pork is a form of barbecue, that is commonly slow-cooked using a smoker, a slow cooker or a domestic oven, other say it’s heaven. Tender pieces of pork, shoulder cut (Boston Butt) or mixed [...]

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Low Carb Foods List

As describer in the Four Hour Body, here's a short list of low carb ingredients you can use for guilt free cooking and eating. Please bear in mind, that even those foods are safe, what you are used to eating it with isn't. Take scrambled eggs for example: a lot of people are used to [...]

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Slow Carb Cooking

Our Body generates most of its energy from sugar. All the food you eat throughout the day are essentially turned into sugar. That's really a good thing and nothing to worry about, as long as the amount of food and the amount of sugar that the body can generate from it doesn't exceed what the [...]

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